About my work

The Portraiture of Nicholas John Garrett

”Portraits are often beautiful yet always mysterious things.  No matter who creates them they have a life of their own.  Through our portraits we kind of ‘live’ forever….

My own work is founded on a simple principle handed down by my mentor Euan Uglow – It must be a determined search for truth and reality.
But my love of faces goes back to when I was very young.  Aged just 2yrs I was painting people and animals in a clear graphic way beyond my years, and by 5 had won my first competition, in South London.
Woman in lace dress 72
Some of my earliest works, through my teenage years centered around the idea that detail plays an essential part of clarifying identity.  It is indeed what many patrons demand and rightly so, because portraiture is not just art per say: it is a distinct communicative symbolism and for me it serves to describe people in the most definitive way, as well as furnishing our lives with profoundly good fine art.
Because portraiture is a classical example of fine art in a pure form, yet functioning as an instrument for historical identification, it stands apart from the purely decorative. It spans modern and antique worlds.
Enjoy my pages and chat to me about what you would like to find in your own portrait commission.
Nicholas John Garrett
Detail of ‘Portrait of Caterina 1′: Oil on panel 11” x 13”  2005  Nick Garrett

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